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Framework for Risk Management and Population Health

An integrated framework for risk management and population health is presented in Figure 1 (Krewski et al. 2007).  This framework builds upon key elements from both the population health and risk assessment/management fields to provide a broader perspective with which to analyze and address health risk issues. 

Three broad categories of population health determinants form the foundation for the integrated framework.  Namely determinants of biology and genetic endowment; environmental and occupational factors; and social and behavioural factors; as well as their complex interactions are of importance in order to properly address population health risk issues.  This approach allows for the recognition of the full range of factors influencing health status. 

Health risk science is a multi-disciplinary activity that involves using the best qualitative and quantitative methodologies available in order to characterize health risks to the population or in specific sub-populations of interest.  The results are then used as a basis for health risk policy analysis where a wide range of potential intervention strategies may be considered.  Evidence-based health risk policy analysis provides guidance on the most appropriate population health risk management strategies to employ.

Multiple interventions may be implemented within the framework.  Specific intervention strategies may range from regulatory and economic, to advisory or community-based approaches, as well as technological solutions.  Following implementation of the selected population health risk management approach, its impact is evaluated, preferably through indicators population health improvement.

The integrated framework provides a more effective framework for dealing with health issues by ensuring that the most important health risks are identified, that they are assessed comprehensively, and the most effective risk management strategies are employed.


Figure 1:  An Integrated Framework for Risk Management and Population Health


Reproduced from:  Krewski D, Hogan V, Turner MC, Zeman P, McDowell I, Edwards N, Losos J. 2007. An Integrated Framework for Risk Management and Population Health. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, in press.   


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