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Jatin Nathwani
Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

Professor Jatin Nathwani is the Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy and Sustainable Energy at University of Waterloo, in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Environment.  

Dr Nathwani is the Executive Director, Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) and Chair of the Board of Management, University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE) and a Member of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum. 

He is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario and holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry from the University of Toronto.

Dr Nathwani’s primary role at Waterloo is to lead a major multi-disciplinary research effort to develop clean energy technologies and promote policies to improve the environmental and economic performance of the energy system over the long term.

Dr. Nathwani’s experience in the energy sector includes corporate strategy, business planning, policy developments influencing the electricity sector and the planning, design and operation of critical infrastructure.  His knowledge of industry practices encompasses regulatory affairs, environmental health and safety issues and drivers of innovation in business practice.

As a member of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, he has helped to shape the vision and policies for enabling the smart grid.  He contributed to the development of the environmental and sustainability facets of Ontario Power Authority's 'Integrated Power System Plan.'  His current focus is on driving innovation to lower cost to enable renewable resources to be embedded into flexible micro grids.  He also spearheaded the largest North American pilot test of consumer propensity to reduce energy use through "real time-feedback" and controls.  

Over the past two decades, Dr.Nathwani led the formulation and development of 'The Life Quality Index'-  an innovation gaining increasing acceptance in risk analysis for use as an effective policy tool for managing life safety risk under the constraint of scarce resources.

Dr. Nathwani has over 80 publications related to energy and risk management, including five books.


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